photo of Grayhill Farm, reconstructed early 17th century farm

English Agriculture



Title Author(s) No. of pages Price
Cattle Farming and Pasture Management 1580-1660 Dairy and Beef farming Rob Stuart 52p £8
Shepherds and Sheep 1580-1660 The life and activities of shepherds and the management of their flocks in England from 1580 to 1660. Rob Stuart 40p £7
Pigs, Goats and Poultry 1580-1660 Rob Stuart 24p £5
Beekeeping and Honey Production Rob Stuart 52p £8
Horses and Oxen on the Farm 1580-1660 Rob Stuart 49p £8
Farming, Hunting and Poaching Rabbits and Hares Rob Stuart 24p £5

Plants and Cultivation

Title Author(s) No. of pages Price
Hay Making and Meadow Management 1580-1660 Rob Stuart 12p £3
Orchard Management 1580-1660 Robert Morris 36p £6
Fruit Varieties Register 1580-1660 The register includes all period references to fruit varieties likely to have been found on the normal farms and gardens of the period. This includes descriptions of appearance, picking times, keeping and cooking qualities etc where possible. The register also includes all original black and white illustrations of the varieties. Stuart Peachey
Volume 1 Apples to Mulberries 52p £9
Volume 2 Nectarines to Walnuts 60p £9
Farmhouse and Cottage Gardens 1580-1660 The establishment and management of period gardens of labourers and farmers. Stuart Peachey 32p £6
Cottage Garden Plants 1580-1660 The plants and their cultivation species by species. Stuart Peachey
Volume 1 Culinary Plants 60p £7
Volume 2 Culinary and Aromatic 56p £9
Volume 3 Medicinal and Decorative 60p £9
Arable Farming 1580-1660 The crops and their cultivation, harvesting, storage and processing on the farm. Rob Stuart
Volume 1 48p £8
Volume 2 56p £8


Title Author(s) No. of pages Price
The Dairy 1580-1660 The function, equipment, and products of the dairy Rob Stuart 28p £4
A Suffolk Tudor Dairy Bartholemew Dowe 17p £4
Wagons, Carts and Pack Animals Farm and Military vehicles and pack animals Rob Stuart 20p £4
Agricultural Hand Tools 1580-1660 Rob Stuart 40p £7
Field Boundaries and Gates Fencing, dead and live hedging, walling in stone brick and mud as well as gates, stiles and hatches. Rob Stuart 20p £4
Fire and Water on the Farm 1580-1660 Fuel and water supply and usage on farms Rob Stuart 28p £5
The Hovel 1580-1660 Rob Stuart 17p £4
Public Transport in England and Wales 1580–1642Robert Morris 40p £7

Agricultural Workers and Farmers

Title Author(s) No. of pages Price
The Labourer 1580-1660 Stuart Peachey 33p £6
The Husbandman 1580-1660 The small farmer Stuart Peachey 36p £6
Women on the Farm 1580-1660 Robert Morris 40p £7

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