photo of Grayhill Farm, reconstructed early 17th century farm

English Agriculture


Title Author(s) No. of pages Price
Medieval Sheep, and the Wool Trade. Sheep, Wool and the Wool trade in the Middle AgesJonathan Davies £5
English Medieval Agriculture 1000-1485 Robert Morris and Gilly Vanderkamp 45p £7

Other Agricultural Periods and Topics

Title Author(s) No. of pages Price
The Building of The Green Valley The story of the 20 year reconstruction of an early modern historical agricultural landscape [The site for BBC2’s 12 part series Tales from the Green Valley] Heritage Marketing and Publications Stuart Peachey 210p £17
The Grayhill Living History Scenarios: 1599 & 1643 Robert Morris 16p £4
The History of Backwell Hill Wood 1800-2007 Stuart Peachey 16p £4

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