photo of Grayhill Farm, reconstructed early 17th century farm

Social Practice and Artefacts

Social Practice

Title Author(s) No. of pages Price
17th Century Sex A guide to sexual practice. Mc Sween and Jones 16p £4
Advanced 17th Century Sex Illustrated guide based on Italian/Dutch woodcuts. 16p £4
Lust 1450-1660 How to provoke, restrain and deal with the consequences. Jane Huggett 16p £4
The Language of Lust Sexual terminology Jane Huggett 24p £5
The Book of Children 1480-1680 Children and Childrearing Jane Huggett
Part 1. Birth to age 7 32p £6
Part 2 Age 7-14 36p £6
Bastardie The consequences of fathering a bastard for the parents and the child's upbringing with samples of the documentation involved. Stuart Peachey 16p £4
17th Century Wedding Customs Denise Taylor 40p £7
The Shaking of the Sheets: Death 1350-1660 The attitudes, artefacts and rituals associated with death. Jane Huggett 36p £6
Did They Wash in Those Days? Personal hygiene, cleanliness and washing in the 14th to 17th centuries Jane Huggett 16p £4
Dining in the Past 1450-1700 Etiquette and practice Jonathan Davies 44p £7


Title Author(s) No. of pages Price
Domestic Pewter of 17th Century England Aidan Campbell 53p £8
Pocket Sundials in the 17th Century Roger Emmerson 28p £5
Beds and Bedding 1580-1660 The materials and types based mainly on probate inventory analysis Robert Morris 28p £4
Soft Furnishings and Table Linen of the Common People 1580-1660 The materials and types based mainly on probate inventory analysis. Robert Morris 32p £6
Jewellery 1350-1660 Jonathan Davies 36p £5
The Uses of Wood 1580–1660. Lists the English uses of the various speciesRobert Morris £7
English Comercial Chemicals 1580–1660.Robert Morris £5
English Baskets 1545–1660.Gilly Vanderkamp 40p £7

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