photo of Grayhill Farm, reconstructed early 17th century farm

English Civil Wars (1639–1660)

Military Practice

Title No. of pages Price
The Mechanics of Infantry Combat:Stuart Peachey. A study of what actually happened in battles drawn from period battle accounts. 28p £5
Military Encampments of the English Civil Wars 1639 to 1659.A.J. Rowland 28p £5
Common Soldiers Clothing of the Civil Wars 1639-1646: Volume 1: Infantry.Stuart Peachey and Alan Turton. The clothing supplied to the armies and the civilian clothing worn where clothing was not issued. Includes patterns and fabric and colour details 56p £9
Armies of the First English Civil War:Alan Turton and Stuart Peachey. An illustrated beginners guide to the troops of the 1642-1646 period in England 16p £4
Drumming in the English Civil WarMichael Pfiel [2nd Edition] 36p £6
17th Century Foot Drill: John Litchfield.
Part 132p£6
Part 252p£8
English Civil War Flags and Colours. Volume 1 English Foot:Stuart Peachey and Dr. Les Prince. Guide to the flags and coat colours of English and Welsh units in the civil war. Partizan Press £10
The Soldiers Snapsack Opened:Robert Morris. Examines the probable contents of the common soldier’s pockets and snapsack while on campaign. 16p £4
The Tale of a Soldiers Coat:David Hopkins. The reconstruction of a Royalist Oxford army coat of 1643 £5

Original Personal Accounts

Title No. of pages Price
The Edgehill Campaign and the Letters of Nehemiah Wharton:Stuart Peachey. Correspondence between a sergeant in the Earl of Essex's army and his ex employer with an account of the actions he participated in during 1642. Partizan Press £8
The Military Diaries of Richard Symonds: Ed. Stuart Peachey. The military parts of the diaries of one of the King's Lifeguard of Horse in the second half of the first Civil War. Partizan Press £8